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An Art Studio

Six Foot Bottle Tree
6' Bottle Tree Model

  • "Large Tree" Stands 6 feet above ground once it is “planted”.
  • It’s trunk is Larger in diameter that the 4 foot tree.
  • Holds 22 bottles of any size and shape that you wish to display.
  • Trunks are "Red Bark" (Rusty)
  • "Bending Pipe" Included
  • Bottles Not Included.






This trees branches are all the same length.  Any size bottle will fit on the branches.
You can shape your tree with the size bottles you put on it!  Larger on the bottom, to smaller on the top, will give you that typical  tree shape.

Otherwise, mix it up!


Save different bottles for different times and seasons of the year! Collect your favorite looking bottles.

You can also wrap your Christmas lights around your tree or just put a spotlight at the base, shinning up, to light up your tree at night!

The tree will be rusty when you receive it. We tried keeping the metal in our living room, but for lack of space, we ended up storing it outside.

You can paint your tree if you want, we like the rusted “tree” look.

When shipped to you, the limbs will come “folded-up” and ready for you to bend into shape with the accompanying “bending/shaping pipe”.  They are fairly simple to bend.

All trees are made with pride, love and good Karma!
Remember, bottles are not included.





Cubby's Can Now Ship your Bottle Tree to you anywhere in the Country. How do we do it? Click on the link below to read more about shipping bottle trees.

Shipping Information