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This gift is FREE with your purchase of  most of 
Cubby's Bottle Trees!

This Blue Bottle Hanging includes a suction cup to display it from your window!

blue hanging bottle

We suggest you display a flower of your choice.  Or, do what we do and display your twigs!
After all, without a twig holder, where do you display your twigs? You'll also receive a FREE "No Evil Spirits" sticker!
(not inclueded with smaller bottle trees)

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Bottle Trees Shipping


Cubby's Can Now Ship your Bottle Tree to you anywhere in the Country. How do we do it? Click on the link below to read more about shipping bottle trees.


Our Bottle Trees are shipped in one package.  Your tree will be either one or two pieces, depending on which Bottle Tree you order.

The branches are folded up, and for your convenience in bending them down, we've included a small piece of "Bending/Shaping Pipe".

Depending on the tree you order, your tree will be about 4 1/2 - 6' feet out of the ground.

The depth in which you put it in the ground determines how tall your tree will end up.

But, you can put more in the ground and make your tree shorter if you wish.

We sandblast and paint our trees brown.

Your tree comes WITHOUT bottles.  Most people want to find their own bottles. It gives them a chance to put on bottles that have meaning to them for one reason or another.

Also, when you have your own bottle tree, people WANT to give you bottles to display!

More trees available at




Bottle trees have been known to trap evil spirits trying to enter your property and home. It's said by having a bottle tree in your yard, evil spirts trying to enter will be trapped inside and confused by the sunlight and color, unable to escape. More and more people are using Cubby's bottle trees at their home for decortive art and good Karma.