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Restoring History

Antique Door Needing RestorationWhen the customer brought this door into us it was completely falling apart.  From the stained glass to the wood door itself, the whole thing was literally “coming apart at the seams”.

In this case we do the woodworking in our woodworking shop and glasswork in the studio.

Other side of door needing restoredBecause the wood door itself was dry rotting and falling apart, the owner suggested that we cut the door off, just below the stained glass section and only use the top part of the door for a frame to hold the glass in place.


After much consideration and respecting the fact that this door has been around for probably the best part of 100 years, we decided to preserve it for another 100!  This was achieved even though some of the wood was completely rotten.


Antique Door RestoredAfter removing the pieces of glass, we then sanded the entire door on both sides.  We sanded only enough to take off all the lose paint chips.  We wanted to preserve the great colors of both sides of the door. We then glued the door back together, strengthening it so that we could install the restored glass.


After we restored the stained glass windows we installed them back in the door and glazed them in. Next, we put six coats of polyurethane on the wood door itself.  The result was a smooth, glossy finish on the door. 


The owner plans on using the restored door as a “section divider” in her Citrus County Salon.


Restored Antique Door